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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Special price 3D design program for a wide range of product designs from industril machinery parts to make to order with more than 1 million users worldwide. Also, easy to use and precisely designed.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, 3D Design program for Maximum Design Efficiency

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD : Special price 3D design program with an authentic license that is easy to learn. Able to design workpieces covering all industries and have been continuously developed to help engineers reduce design time and communication errors during design. Today, over a thousand product design engineers design new products by using software or the SOLIDWORKs program. How can you be sure that You can use the software for maximum efficiency.

SOLIDWORKs program helps you achieve maximum design potential to create quality products and get to the market faster. With experience from being the pioneers of software or solid-work programs in Thailand, we are well aware of the needs of our customers. Besides, SOLIDWORKs has continually developed personnel to have expertise until they are certified by SOLIDWORKs and meet all the specified standards.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD price is divided into 3 packages


This package can increase the efficiency of design. The tools are as follows: file management tools, Virtual visualization tools, Product price estimation tools, and Communication tools. Also, tools that help check the work of the workpiece and data warehouse of various types of workpieces can be downloaded immediately.


Suitable for design work. Many tools can help you design faster and more accessible and can do various designs, such as creating 3D parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings. There are tools to help with a specific format.


Covering work in 3D design in all aspects, including analysis of work (Simulation), verification of the quality of work (Validation), electrical drawings (ECAD/MCAD), and drawing of pipes in the factory (Wire and Pipe routing). It covers the skills that are available to professionals as well.

SOLIDWORKS Professional

Starting 378,000 ฿
More productivity tools The tools are: Toolbox library, file management, appraisal, and Create a virtual image (Render) Create an animation (Animation).

•3D CAD Design
•Standard toolbox
•Circuit Works
•eDrawing Professional
•Design Checker
•Task Schedule
•lol Analyst
•Scan to 3D

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Starting 328,000 ฿
Tools that help you design faster and easier, such as 3D part design (Parts), assembly design (Assembly) to production (2D Drawing) help in specialized design.

• 3D CAD Design
• Weldment
• Utilities
• SimXpress
• Sheet Metal
• Feauture Works
• Surface
• SolidWorksCAM
• Mold

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Starting 488,000 ฿
Covering 3D design work in all aspects, including simulation, verification, validation, electrical drawing (ECAD/MCAD), wire and pipe routing.

• 3D CAD Design
• 3D interconnect
• Advanced Flatten
• Motion
• Routing
• Simultion Static

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Learn the basics of using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

Learning video from the basics as a guide for beginners


Because Applicad team is Pioneer in SOLIDWORKs and the first in Thailand with over 26 years of experience, a team of more than 200 experts is ready to serve the excellent service.

Guaranteed with the International Standards 2 awards from Top Reseller Highest Customer Satisfaction AP South Top Reseller Overall Performance AP South

AppliCAD has a team of more than 30 specialists ready to provide advice and design solution by the most SOLIDWORKS certified team in Thailand.

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services

In 2021, Dassault System SOLIDWORKS Corporation announced the change in the renewal status of Subscription Services that have expired more than 3 years. Subscriptions cannot be renewed to upgrade to the latest version.

Those who plan to renew Subscription Services can contact for promotion information Backdate by 30 June 2021 call 02-744-9045 ext. 404.


Voices from customers who are confident in our the service.

“SOLIDWORKS program reduces the time spent on product design and helps users to develop products more quickly. It reduces costs and saves the money we have to spend due to trial and error. It made it easier for the team to work because they could see the actual structure model from the sample 3D design files.”

K.Supot  R&D Engineering, Hatari Electric Company Limited

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“SOLIDWORKS came in to help us design it. And the other thing is that Simulator comes in to help a lot because we don’t want to try. The second is that we don’t know how to try. It will make the work take up a lot of time. If we keep trying, it came in to help very well.”

K.Methee – Production Engineering Division Manager, SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd.

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“Using 3D visualization makes it easier for people to think. It can also come in to help analyze various engineering designs that are usable or not. At the same time, the software also assists in cost to fit the engineering budget available. EPDM is also used in the management of information systems. It can be said that it can comprehensively help in every system.”

คุณนรากร ราชพลสิทธิ์ – Managing Director, Eureka Design Public Company Limited.

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“The issue of design determination is also on the customer because we have many customers. Some customers will even design for us. And we have to support his designs since most customers will use software like SOLIDWORKS for the most part. We will bring the customer’s work to open and make a Fixture that we can then go into the production process. That is, there are works that we have designed ourselves. and some designs from Out Source.”

คุณเก่งกาจ – Technical Consultant, Piak Rayong Offroad Co.,Ltd.

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Special privileges for customers who choose to buy SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD,

special price, 3D design program, genuine license with the AppliCAD Team.


We have a support team to give advice. If you have questions, call us via our Hotline number immediately.


Various channels, whether knowledge, techniques, use the website’s Monthly online training, online chat Remote Access service program to help resolve problems quickly.


Service with particular experts to consult and advise the customer’s company to solve problems correctly and meet customers’ needs as much as possible.


Good events for customers to build a network of users of solid work programs, solid work programs to help and exchange experiences with each other.

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