Comprehensive Plant Design for SolidWorks
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SolidPlant for Plant Design System: SolidPlant for piping system design. There are standard piping components with low to high-pressure hose designs, which help design a factory’s system easier, saving time and minimizing costs.

SolidPlant P&ID

How SolidPlant P&ID works Smarter for you.
Create, modify and manage piping and instrumentation diagrams

Process and Instrument Diagram (P&ID) and Process Flow Diagram (PFD) were developed for engineers, designers, and general users. Users can learn and use the program without difficulties, resulting in less learning time. Users can also access data of P&ID and PFD works such as Equipment, Process line, Instrument, Fitting and other information for checking or editing. This will be very useful to the company that provides design services, installation, consulting, and company’s projects.

SolidPlant 3D

Comprehensive Plant Design for SolidWorks
Route it your way, Smarter!!!

SolidPlant 3D is a software-based suitable for designing steel structures, tanks, and 3D pipework that works like a project base and is specification-driven. It makes it much easier and faster to create 3D Plant Piping Designs than creating with only SolidWorks or even compared to the SolidWorks Routing software. SolidWorks Routing software is designed to be used to write a 3D pipe that is a Skid Design. Although the way to create pipes is similar, two main points of designing software have 3D Plant Piping Design available. However, there is no 3D Piping Design software that uses Skid Design.