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ATOS 5X : for Automotive Car Body Inspection


ATOS 5X – Optical 3D Metrology. For Industrial UseOptical 3D coordinate measuring machines capture detailed and easily interpretable quality information in a short measuring time.

ATOS 5X – for Automative Car Body Inspection

Optical 3D Metrology For Industrial Use

ATOS 5X Optical 3D coordinate measuring machines capture detailed and easily interpretable quality information in a short measuring time. They provide fully automated full-field deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data. As this measuring data contains all the object information, in addition to the surface deviations from the CAD, the software also automatically derives detailed information such as GD&T, trimming or hole positions.

GOM’s measuring systems ensure the dimensional quality in particular of sheet metal, casting and plastics products in the automotive, aerospace or consumer goods industries. They form the basis for the optimization of production and machine parameters as part of a value-added measuring procedure.

Automated Large Volume 3D Scanning

With its powerful light source, ATOS 5X enables the use of large measuring volumes for maximum speed in automated applications. In combination with the ATOS ScanBox series, ATOS 5X is a high-end scanning system for tool, press and body shops.

High-Speed Technology

ATOS 5X uses the integrated Laser Light Compressor to generate ultra-bright light. This allows for measuring areas of up to 1000 mm and at the same time extremely short exposure times. Acquisition times of 0.2 seconds are reached.

Industrial 3D Metrology with High-Speed Technology
The fifth generation for fast 3D scanning with large measuring areas

ATOS_5X Industrial 3D Metrology
Blue Light Equalizer
  • Precise coverage of demanding geometries
  • Highly detailed reproduction
Robust precision
  • Robust sensor design
  • Active temperature management
  • Fast data processing
  • High data throughput
ATOS 5 Product Family in Use
  • Mobile metrology
  • Automated inspection
Fast and reliable processes

The two 3D scanners ATOS 5 and ATOS 5X are high-resolution optical digitizers, which quickly provide precise three-dimensional measuring data for optimizing design and manufacturing processes. The performance of the ATOS 5 and ATOS 5X systems is very impressive, particularly when measuring glossy surfaces,fine structures, and edges. The ATOS technology significantly reduces the number of individual scans and accelerates overall measuring procedures.The robust 3D scanners are fast and precise.

Fast and reliable processes
Blue Light Equalizer & Laser Light Compressor
Blue Light Equalizer & Laser Light Compressor

The Blue Light Equalizer is a component that was especially developed for the light source.The result of the new technology: an ultra-powerful light source that enables the use of large measuring volumes.The bright light source of ATOS 5 is based on blue LED light. ATOS 5X uses the integrated Laser Light Compressor to generate ultra-bright light for the scanning process. As a result, both measuring systems achieve high-precision data in a short measuring time. The data quality generated by the sensors is particularly evident in the detail sharpness of the 3D models

Technical Data (ATOS 5 Product Family)

ATOS 5 for AirfoilATOS 5ATOS 5X
Light sourceLEDLEDLaser
Laser class--2/3B *
Points per scan12 million12 or 8 million12 million
Weightapprox. 14 kgapprox. 14 kgapprox. 14 kg
Dimensionsapprox. 550 mm x 320 mm x 200 mm
Housingdustproof, splashproof
Cable lengthfiber optic cable up to 30 m
Operating systemWindows 10
Measuring volumes100,170,270,400170,320,500,700, 1000320,500,700,1000
Measuring area [mm²]100 × 70 – 400 × 300170 × 140 – 1000 × 800320×250 – 1000× 800
Point distance[mm]0.03 – 0.10.05 – 0.250.08 – 0.25
Camera angle27.5°27.5°27.5°
Working distance [mm]530880880

* According to standard IEC 60825-1: In 2014, classified as a Class 2 laser in automated use and as a Class 3B laser in manual use (safety distance without safety goggles > 700 mm).

ATOS 5 Product Family


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