Reduce the time needed to create inspection
documentation, helping to eliminate input errors,
improve quality, and reduce time to market.
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First Article Inspection (FAI) software simplifies the inspection process that requires multiple steps.

SOLIDWORKS INSPECTION is software related to the inspection process as it’s essential to monitor and verify part geometries to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your products.First Article Inspection (FAI) that will simplify the inspection process that requires steps such as documenting the inspection. Measure the actual size, enter the size value in the document, check the accuracy between the actual work and the specified length from the model whether it meets the requirements or not to make it easier than we define to create a Balloon from the drawing to set it as a value that we need to check the size. Besides, able to report the checked values ​​according to the standard form (AS9102, PPAP, etc), resulting directly in the measured value record table. The program will automatically check the value for which SOLIDWORKS INSPECTION has two forms of use:

1. A model that can be used on SolidWorks by creating, checking, inspect, and reporting results using commands from the menu on the window of SOLIDWORKS (SOLIDWORKS Drawing file (*.slddrw)).
2. The Stand-Alone model can bring data files from the original CAD drawing or other software by exporting them as PDF files or TIFFs to work on SOLIDWORKS INSPECTION.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection allows us to measure the size of the workpiece by inputting the value directly by itself or importing the measurement result automatically if the measuring instrument is digital. Or even a measuring machine that is commonly used to inspect workpieces such as the CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine).

SOLIDWORKS INSPECTION with SolidWorks (.slddrw) file
Quality Engineer or Inspector can measure the size of the workpiece, whether it is a digital vernier caliper. Other digital precision measuring instruments and three-dimensional measuring machines (CMMs). The results of the measured values can be imported into the SOLIDWORKS INSPECTION program and checked with the data we have prepared.
Values obtained from measurements and Report tables obtained from SOLIDWORKS INSPECTION program.

Comparisons when using SOLIDWORKS INSPECTION instead of traditional methods

Traditional Checking Process
1. Must be operated manually whether in the preparation of documents Or many points need to be measured. The error and the recording of the value must also be significant. It also requires manual data entry into the data table made in Microsoft Excel.
2. It takes a long time to create the document. Checking the workpiece size, bring the values ​​into the record to check the correctness time of each step that has been done for quite a long time, especially the type with details that need to be checked.
3. Errors Due to complex processes, human error can occur, causing the cost of doing the wrong work to need time to fix or not according to the quality that we set.
4. For the cost, if there is a change in the design by the design engineer or the customer, it needs to be modified, and quality inspectors will have to check again and enter all new information.

1. Work flexibility streamlines the inspection workflow by automatically, e.g., creating balloons, checkpoints from drawings, generating data documents, data inputs, and audit reports.
2. Fast and easy to use. Make work easier, faster, and more accessible. Hassle-free commands Select the point that you want to check the value. Reduce the time to create a First Article Inspection (FAI) document. No need to waste time inputting data.
3. Accurate precision Reduces errors in creating Balloons from the required data to the Check Sheet, including the check size information. Send the value to check the matter at all.
4. Automatic document generation Can help reduce the time in making documents. Verification of documents created following the standard form. It is a file in the format of Microsoft Excel that can be used continuously.

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