Tools to plan and manage the details of each process in the project. Also, enhancing file management efficiency.


Advanced-Data Management Tools builds on the design file management of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional by increasing the ability to manage organizational projects such as Project Management, Process Management, Resource Planning, Item Management, and showing the progress of plans in Dashboard and report formats to increase efficiency in project management.


Project Management

Manage important information for the design team in planning and managing resources to be more effective.
• Task Scheduling Individual task planning.
• Resource Utilization and Capacity Resource planning and management.
• Progressing Report

Item Management

The section for creating, editing, and comparing Bill of Materials (BOMs) can support many BOMs and attach other files important in the BOM.

Process Management

Manage the collaborative process of project stakeholders. Whether it’s design, production, sales, or marketing effectively.

Dashboards and Reports

Allows users to access information in the system promptly. It is also possible to format the display to be suitable for individual work.

Capabilities of each package Manage Editor Manage Contributor Manage Contributor
Search, View and Print Documents and Records
View CAD Data
Create and Edit CAD Data    
View Non-CAD Data
Create and Edit Non-CAD Data  
View Project Status and Timesheets
Update Project Status and Timesheets  
View Dashboards, Run & Export Reports
View Processes and History
Start and Update Processes on any Object  
Start Processes Via PDM Workflow Action
View BOMs
Create and Edit BOMs  
View Tasks
Assign and Update Tasks  
Participate in PDM Workflows