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3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation

Cloud-based engineering analysis and simulation with Abacus technology brings analytics capabilities to your product development process.

3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation Overview

3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation is the welding of efficiency and collaboration through cloud-platform engineering analytics solutions like 3DEXPERIENCE® empowers you to accelerate the innovation process by solving challenges and applying complete data engineering to your SOLIDWORKS® designs.
You can measure the results of the analysis and cloud engineering collaboration. Abaqus technology could perform advanced engineering analysis for your product development process.

• Easy access
• Effective
• Can be linked effectively
• Effective co-working
• Measurable
• Storing on the Cloud System

Test with confidence, provide real-time information and help make decisions faster with the best analytical tools.

Built on leading technology like Abaqus allows beginners and experts to work similarly with complex linear and non-linear analysis performance to ensure that the model can be produced. Being a part of 3DEXPERIENCE® Works means engineers have access to advanced engineering analysis without the need for expensive computers. Thanks to the ability to work together and share information in real-time.


• Create continuity of information and the working process of SOLIDWORKS.
• Reduce investment in hardware and IT systems.
• Choose the right analytics solution for your needs.



• Share status and results with your team for
faster job decisions.
• Access the 3D simulation results anytime, anywhere through the website.
• Manage your project through the website.



• Control the analysis with Abaqus testing and measurement technology.
• Balance of implications and clarity in solving linear and non-linear problems or static and dynamic events.
• Create fine meshes and solve problems with complex analyses like falls and collisions of objects.

3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation Scales to Your Needs

Being a part of 3DEXPERIENCE® WORKS means SIMULIAworks gives you flexibility in choosing simulation capabilities and analyses tailored to your needs.

The Scalable Portfolio includes

  • Structural Designer: An easy-to-use engineering simulation solution for designers who want to evaluate product performance in Linear Static, Thermal, and Frequency conditions.
  • Structural Engineer: Role of Design Engineer with solutions for linear static, thermal, and frequency analysis with solid, shell, and beam mesh applications to assess product performance.
  • Structural Performance Engineer: Section of Design Engineers assessing product performance on Linear and Nonlinear Static, Thermal, Frequency, Thermal-Stress, Linear Dynamic and Quasi-Static Conditions.
  • Structural Mechanics Engineer: Roles of Design Engineers and Engineering Simulation Specialist To solve problems beyond the Structural Performance Engineer part, such as Nonlinear Dynamic High-Speed, Material Calibration, and Geometry Simplification situations.
  • Simulation Collaborator: A role for collaborators and managers who want to review and compare real-time simulations from anywhere so they can make quick design decisions. A solution that integrates perfectly with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD will simplify your engineer’s troubleshooting process faster.

Success Case

Case studies of oil companies and natural gas creating new products that reinforce engineering analysis.



  • Low investment in testing budgets.
  • Several months of time reduction and no additional labor are required in the development process.
  • Know the closeness of simulation results and the actual test.
  • Add computational resources to other tasks.
  • Save on investment budget with unnecessary repetitive mold making.