Subject your designs to real world conditions
to raise product quality while reducing prototyping
and physical testing costs
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SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps to analyze the engineering strength of a part or assembly of a machine or product designed with 3D CAD to help assess the quality of the part. Also, improve the quality of the workpiece and create innovation.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium (Finite Element Analysis)

A software used to analyze your product designs machines, or products is designed by 3D CAD software to determine the product’s strength, quality using functions below:

  • Analyze composite materials resulting from overlapping many materials (Composite Material).
  • Analyze damage due to movement or vibration (Linear Dynamic).
  • Analyze nonlinear materials such as plastics, rubber, or metals with permanent damage.
  • Estimate the lifetime of the workpiece due to vibration (Dynamic Fatigue).

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional (Finite Element Analysis)

A software used to analyze your product designs, machines, or products designed by 3D CAD software to determine strength. Product quality SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional can help diagnose the quality as follows.

  • Fall analysis and assess the impact on the workpiece (Drop Test).
  • Design Optimization
  • Heat transfer in the workpiece (Thermal Heat Transfer).
  • Thermal Stress
  • Natural Frequency Assessment
  • Buckling
  • Pressure Vessel Design
  • Real-life simulation of automation machines using events and sensors.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard (Finite Element Analysis)

A software used to analyze workpieces, machines, or products designed by 3D CAD software to determine their strength and product quality using functions below:

  • Static Analysis analyzes to assess the safety of the use of the product.
  • Fatigue estimates service life in repeated loads.
  • Trend Tracker estimates stress, deformation, and weight change when a new design is changed.
  • Motion Analysis assesses the machine’s performance and whether it can actually work or not. How much motor power is required? And the parts will be damaged or not when having to bear the force while the machine is working.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation (CFD)

A software used in Fluid Flow Analysis (CFD) which has the following capabilities:

  • Analyze the flow of liquids and gases.
  • Able to analyze both incompressible and incompressible fluids.
  • Simulate the flow of closed (Internal) and open (External) systems.
  • Simulate both steady-state and transient flows.
  • Analyze laminar and turbulent flows.
  • Analyze the subsonic, transonic, and supersonic ranges.
  • Fluids with both Newtonian and Non-Newtonian behaviors can be analyzed.
  • The size of the surface roughness of the wall can be set.
  • The heat exchange between different fluids can be analyzed.
  • Simulate flow through porous media.
  • Analyze the flow through a rotating impeller.
  • Analyze the thermal conductivity inside the conduction. 
  • Analyze the heat transfer between the workpiece cube and the fluid (Convection).
  • Analyze the radiation between the specimens (Radiation).
  • Analyze the appropriateness of the positioning of the workpiece under the conditions that we set.

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