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  • View and communicate large 3D CAD files
  • One solution for the entire enterprise
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What is 3D FastView?

3D FastView3D FastView is the best alternative for opening files, working on 3D CAD, and exporting files with various file extensions. Suitable for agencies that need to receive a 3D file to view or produce without the need to design it yourself. Software 3D FastView, therefore, responds to 3D file viewer work that does not require editing without buying expensive design programs such as CATIA, UG/NX, SolidWorks, Inventer, etc., come to open the file. Software 3D FastView can measure product size, explain the assembly's work, and include exporting as 2 dimensions. Read more articles

How to use 3D CAD Viewer, open files, convert files from 3D to 2D CAD with 3D FastView >> Watch video here

Supported File Formats Supported the following file types:


4 advantages of using 3D FastView

Open and send 3D files, Software is not needed

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3D FastView 2
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3D FastView 4

Why using 3D FastView 3D FastView

For assembling 3D CAD Model

For assembling
3D CAD Model

The best choice for opening files and working on 3D CAD categories, export files with various file extensions. Packed in affordable software.

Why Choose 3D FastView?

Why Choose 3D

Reduce the cost of expensive 3D CAD software and save time and resources with the program installed on any computer.

3D FastView Available on

3D FastView
Available on

Windows 7

Fastest, Lightest and Easiest viewer for large 3D CAD file

With 3D Compression technology, working with large files is possible even with limited resources. Including the command, the function is easy for general users and reduces operating time and costs.

Make Collaboration Easier with Teams

“3D FastView "3D FastView makes it possible to open 3D CAD files even when we receive files from different types. However, we can open all files. It's so smooth that you forget it's a Viewer software, and that's impressive to export a file as a boat of 10 GB, leaving only 400 MB with all the details! It was great."

Visualize Different Aspects of a 3D CAD Model

-Display of PMI/GD&T information
-User customized views
-Hide and show components
-Assembly and Explosion view
-Create and save animation
-Creation of section cuts
-Generate 2D projection
-View 2D CAD drawings

Visualize DifferentAspects of a 3D CAD Model

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