Solibri BIM

Solibri’s highly advanced model checking is based on both pre-defined and customizable rules to offer you the most flexible tools.

Solibri BIM Coordination : Quality Assurance for Your BIM Projects

How easy is it to apply proper quality control to your BIM processes and get everyone in your projects around the same table?

• Checking both the geometry and data for the federated model against requirements allows you to find and correct errors early on.
• Coordinating and communicating found issues with all the involved parties – designers, contractors, manufacturers, owners – ensures your projects run smoothly.
• Mapping, visualizing, and reporting data, as well as the ability to customize and automate your QA/QC processes allow you to provide consistent and validated data throughout your projects.

Leading-edge quality with rule-based checking

Solibri’s highly advanced model checking is based on both pre-defined and customizable rules to offer you the most flexible tools, whether that be for ready-made common checks like basic clash checking or specific needs such as checking against BIM requirements, national regulations and building code. Working with rulesets opens endless possibilities to simplify and automate the design coordination and checking process, and to ensure the availability of the correct information also on-site, leaving you with smoother projects, time and cost savings and quality models that live on to support building management also after the construction phase.

Dig Deeper into our product

Solibri makes the right tools available for everyone in your project, ensuring smooth information flow from office to the construction site and back. From the Solibri Product family, here’s what we think may interest you the most

Solibri Office – The core product for checking  and collaboration, from design to build.
Solibri Site – Complementing product for producing and sharing digital information.
Solibri Anywhere – Complementing product for viewing the digital information for free.

Not in BIM Coordination?

Solibri is for all in the workflow

An Ode to Better Designs

How do you gain confidence in the quality of your brilliant design, ensuring it gets built properly and efficiently

• Checking and correcting your designs prior to delivery at different project stages ensures the high quality of both the geometry and the data in your model.
• Quality-assured models are compliant with regulations and BIM requirements, and finding issues early on brings you both time and cost savings.
• Consistent and validated models guarantee you can take pride in your work and get recognized as the deliverer of quality designs.

Better Data for Better Builds

How many times have you struggled in your projects with lack of information, or even worse, with false information?

• With accurate data available for all the parties involved in your construction or fabrication process, you can minimize errors and your projects run smoother than ever.
• Proper quality control helps you spend less time revising with the design team which leaves you more time for planning and executing and eliminates surprises when the construction starts.
• Working with correct information, you can be confident in your resource planning and material orders and know your projects will finish on time and in budget.