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SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection is a simulation of the design process and the flow characteristics of plastics during the plastic injection process. Thus, it allows the design of plastic parts and plastic injection molds to be more efficient.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics  is a plastic injection simulation software for the design process and simulating the flow characteristics of plastic. SOLIDWORKS Plastics also can assess what problems the designed part will encounter when producing the actual part.

The analysis of plastic injection molding problems
at SOLIDWORKS Plastics is verifying part design before production.

Sink mark
Cooling Analysis
Shot short
Weld line
Air trap
Shrinkage study

SOLIDWORKS Plastics consist of 3 Packages as follow:


Package 1: SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard

Quality assessment software for plastics injection molding is suitable for preliminary analysis of the design of various plastic parts. It also helps to improve the quality of pre-production parts. This allows you to bring products to the market quickly.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard capabilities:
• Surface & Solid Mesh
• Filling & Short Shots (Incomplete)
• Weld lines (weld lines, welds on the workpiece)
• Sink Marks (collapse marks on the workpiece)
• Air Traps (bubbles in the workpiece)
• Multiple Gates (Plastic water inlet location


Package 2: SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional

Increased capabilities from the Standard package, suitable for Mold Designers and Mold Makers, helping you to optimize mold design and mold adjustments without the cost of redesigning molds.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional capabilities:
• Gas-Injection & Valve Gates
• Multi-cavity 
• Runner Balancing
• Co-Injection 
• Insert overmolding
• Shrinkage
• Stress Export
• Fibers & Birefringence
• Symmetry Boundary
• Venting Analysis
• Cycle Time 
• Runner Wizard


Package 3: SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium

Expanded from the Professional package, it is suitable for Mold Designers, Mold Makers, and Professional Engineers who require advanced CAE Analysts.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium capabilities:
• Design and analysis of the cooling line layout of plastic injection molds.
• Simulate the cooling system of plastic injection molds.
• Improve the design of Cooling Systems to achieve the shortest cooling time to reduce production costs.
• Accurately displaying the filling, packing, and cooling stage analysis results.
• Showing Part warpage.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Benefits

SOLIDWORKS Plastics could reduce investment in Prototype, time, and manhour material with a database of more than four thousand types of materials. Also, cost-effective to have the tools to modify the model yourself, reduce the time to send data back and forth from drawing to analysis , easy to use, and there is no need to build mold parts.

The graph above shows that if SOLIDWORKS Plastics is used to assist in the design process, the cost is higher than that without a lot of programs. Because it will have to invest in the program, people, and time, the price will continue to decrease when it passes to other processes. The program will come to check the problems that will occur from the design of the workpiece. SOLIDWORKS Plastics mold design allows you to evaluate the productivity of plastic molds from design. Therefore, the products are of the highest quality and quickly bring products to the market.

Comparing different packages of SOLIDWORKS Plastics
Capabilities of each package
  Design Data Reuse
  Materials Database
  Parallel Computing (Multi-core)
  Filling Phase (1st Stage Injection)
  Automatic Gate Location(s)
  Instantaneous Fill Time Plot
  Sink Mark Analysis
  eDrawings Support
  Fill Time
  Ease of Fill
  Results Adviser
  Nominal Wall Thickness Adviser
  Pressure at End of Fill
  Flow Front Temperature
  Temperature at End of Fill
  Shear Rate
  Cooling Time
  Weld Lines
  Air Traps
  Sink Marks
  Frozen Layer Fraction at End of Fill
  Cycle Time
  Symmetry Analysis
  Filling Phase (1st Stage Injection)
  Packing Phase (2nd Stage Injection)
  Runner Balancing
  Sprues and Runners
  Hot and Cold Runners
  Multi-cavity Molds
  Family Molds
  Mold Inserts
  Volumetric Shrinkage
  Density at End of Pack
  Exports STL, NASTRAN
  Export with Mechanical Properties ABAQUS®, ANSYS, DigiMat®
  Cooling Lines
  Baffles and Bubblers
  Conformal Cooling Channels
  Runner Domain Category
  Sink Mark Profiles
  Mold Temperature at Cooling End
  Displacement Due to Residual Stress

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