The 3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS, the ultimate design tool that connects everyone in the business in real-time, anytime, anywhere, unlike using traditional software.


The 3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS is the ultimate design tool to connect everyone in your business in real-time, anytime, anywhere, unlike traditional software, and is a highly secured platform for data. 3DEXPERIENCE® connects everyone with product development data that can bring ideas to determine the design direction and test your products to ensure the highest quality within one platform. It is also possible to manage information together with other related persons.


3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS Offers is a product design platform that connects everyone and provides real-time updates for users to make decisions faster.

  • Systematic: Keeping Data Safe and systematically managing the product lifecycle with a compatible Could Platform.
  • Powerful: With 3D modeling, rendering virtualization, and powerful Finite Element Analysis simulations.
  • Flexible: Eligible to create both parametric and free form models via the Cloud system.
3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS Offers are divided into 3 packages as follows:

3DEXPERIENCE | Collaborative Business Innovator

– Communication enhancement toolkit –

Elevate the communication with the platform. 3DEXPERIENCE® brings together every aspect of your business on one cloud platform. Collaborate with the entire organization anytime, anywhere, without tool restrictions.

Collaborative Business Innovator is a set of tools that help you communicate and share information in real-time between employees, suppliers, and customers, resulting in more mobility and faster access to the market.

Benefits of Collaborative Business Innovator

  • Flexibility of Access to design data at anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Cloud Solution that stores and shares data securely on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • Collaboration Communicate, share information, update in real-time, comments, chat, or video calls.
  • 3DSearch, quick information searching.
  • CAD Viewing, view CAD files in various formats.
  • Express Creativity provides a dashboard to quickly update news and information within the community.

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ประโยชน์ของ Collaborative Business Innovator
Collaborative Business Innovator เหมาะกับใคร

Who is Collaborative Business Innovator suitable for?

  • SOLIDWORKS Customer
  • Engineer
  • Marketing
  • Sales 
  • IT
  • Finance 
  • HR

3DEXPERIENCE | Collaborative Industry Innovator

– Engineering Data Management Enhancing Toolkit–

Collaborative Industry Innovator คือ is a highly secure engineering data management toolkit. It allows the team to plan the production process in real-time and enables the company to bring innovations to the market quickly.

Collaborative Industry Innovator

จุดเด่นของ Collaborative Industry Innovator

Comment Collaborate Share
Systematically coordinate and access information effectively with high security.

Cloud Security
Overcoming safety, prevent confidential data leakage using Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global cloud service provider.

Anywhere Anytime Any Device
Freely design, quickly access to all product information.

Benefits of Collaborative Industry Innovator

  • Secure simultaneous access to information.
  • Store, share and manage various IP, product, and real-time design data (CAD) in one place.
  • Empower your team with cloud-based access to data anytime, on any device.

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Who is Collaborative Industry Innovator suitable for?

  • Officer Document
  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • IT

3D Creator | SOLIDWORKS xDesign 

– 3D Design Creator via Cloud System –

3D Creator: create and collaborate on cloud-based 3D designs in this bundle. An xDesign application allows you to design products through a web browser easily.

Benefits of xDesign

  • No software installation is required – use SOLIDWORKS xDesign via a web browser that requires users to log in before every use for safety.
  • Users can use xDesign via mobile devices. Windows is not required.
  • Ease of use allows users with and without CAD design background to quickly learn how to use xDesign.
  • Design efficiently.
  • Manage files properly. There is no need to worry about the model version whether you choose to use the latest version.

3D Sculptor | SOLIDWORKS xShape

– Freedom Design via Cloud System –

3D Sculptor: the tools that help users design complex models via the application. Besides, xShape allows users to quickly create complex, freeform, and non-parametric designs. Users can use the application in real-time to promptly overcome innovative products to the market (Download Whitepaper Click)

Benefits of xShape

  • Easily and quickly create complex textured models with Subdivision Modeling.
  • Easily simulate the workpiece by push-pull function directly on the workpiece surface.
  • Modify various shapes of the product without having to create a new model.
  • Improve productivity and design workflow using the Cloud System.
  • When editing drawings, it’s easier to work with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and 3D Creator, and details will be updated immediately.
  • Create a Dashboard to collaborate closely with team members.
  • Reduce software installation problems because it works on a web browser
  • High-security product information since username and password must be entered every time before entering the 3DExperience Platform.


– The Design for Product Innovation –

3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS Standard: Perfect for designers and engineers looking to enhance design capabilities and product innovation.

  • Create 3D models and quickly turn them into 2D drawings.
  • Functions for specific tasks include finding the size of the unfolded sheet and creating a Weldment Cutlist table of structural work, so users can easily mold the design.
  • Check product functionality before production.


– Better Communication through Better Visuals –

3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS Professional: Ideal for designers who want to increase their design, marketing tools, and productivity faster (Productivity Tools)

  • Rendering – Virtual Reality making an animation
  • Estimate Costing -Pre-production analysis and valuation
  • Reverse Engineering – Convert scan files (STL) or Cloud Points into 3D models so you can continue working immediately.
  • Checking all specified standards automatically.
  • Assess acceptable tolerance.


– electrical routing and CircuitWorks –

3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS Premium: Suitable for designers who want to enhance specific capabilities such as pipe design, wire design, Freefrom worksheets, and sizing design such as leather and fabric.

    • Design tank design, pipe design easily, just Drag&Drop; the program will automatically adjust the size of the workpiece, components, joints, elbows.
    • Wiring system design and wire set, issue a drawing, create a BOM table, make a cut length, and various documents of the wiring harness.
    • Quickly and easily design a Freeform sheet. Whether the default size of the fabric and workpieces with metal components.


– Simulation Designer for Engineering –

3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS Simulation Designer: Suitable for structural designers who need to simulate the design for quality evaluation before passing to production process by specifying conditions that need to be tested from the design process. This helps designers to develop product quality and reduce production costs.

  • Easy-to-use engineering simulation solutions.
  • Control analysis with Abaqus testing and measurement technology.
  • Simulation Product performance can be evaluated in Linear Static, Thermal, and Frequency conditions.
  • Calculate the Factor of Safety and identify errors.
  • Simulate and analyze the product’s movement design in the form of virtual with Motion Analysis.
  • Estimate the cycle time of the assembly and calculate loads on the design.
  • Reduce investment in hardware and IT systems.

The Comparison of 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Roles  (Download Click)

  Part and Assembly Modeling  
  2D Drawing  
  Interference Check  
  Design for Manufacturing (DFM)  
  Productivity Tools  
  Advance CAD File Import/Export and 3D Interconnect  
  Xtended Reality (XR) Exporter  
  Design for Cost (SOLIDWORKS Costing)    
  CAD Standards Checking (Design Checker)    
  Automated Tolerance Stackup Analysis (TolAnalyst)    
  Advanced Photorealistic Rendering    
  Reverse Engineering (ScanTo3D)    
  Pipe and Tube Routing      
  Electrical Cable and Wiring Harness Routing      
  Advanced Surface Flattening      
  Rectangular and Other Section Routing      
  Simulation: Time-Based Motion Analysis      
  Simulation: Linear Static Analysis for Parts and Assemblies      

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