Efficiently manage turnkey projects with Primavera P6.

Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Efficiently manage turnkey projects with Primavera P6.

Oracle Primavera P6 is a comprehensive project management program. Continually developed and recognized for its potential in a wide range of businesses, Primavera is designed to be easy to use and cover all project management needs to enable effective project management. As well as being able to work together with various positions related to the project in real-time

BENEFIT Program Highlights

• (Overview Project Portfolio) A better view of the project overview.
Primavera is a portfolio management project management system that allows users to see all their projects, progress, and events in real-time, making it easy to make planning decisions and deal with things in the project, whether resources, time or budget.
• (Planning) Effective planning can plan tasks and simulate different events in the project before starting the actual project. Also, analysis of plans and risks, including effective control and management of various resources, whether it is a small project to a large-scale project with the complexity of activities and the number of people involved.
• (Collaboration & Team members) Primavera supports work involving multiple parties. Helping management level employees Easier to communicate and collaborate with other employees on projects. With a system that can assign duties and permissions to work that are different in each role with the role base system, including a system to connect to the Team Members function that can make those involved Working on projects, you can instantly view and update your assigned duties via your mobile phone.
• (Tracking) progress tracking able to follow up on the plans of the whole project to see an overview of all projects. Also, analyze the cost of various resources. We can know the efficiency of the project and see real-time information, including a system to compare progress with the planned work plan to see the progress of the project.
• (Report & Analysis) Reporting and analyzing the project Primavera has more than 150 ready-made report forms divided into categories by topic. Users can also create a report form according to the needs of each organization unlimited and set the sharing of data, including reports through various channels such as e-mail and file sharing. Users can also create reports and export as PDF files and spreadsheets and connect with multiple performance analysis systems to extend, such as Primavera Analytics.