Add-ins allow us to generate G-Code to control CNC machines (2.5 axis) SOLIDWORKS CAM running on SOLIDWORKS software.


SOLIDWORKS CAM is another add-in that allows us to generate G-CODE to control CNC machines (2.5 axis). SOLIDWORKS CAM works on the SOLIDWORKS Program without exporting files to generate G-CODE with other programs. Also, reduces errors in the process of importing models into other programs. It allows you to combine design and manufacturing processes in one system to order the machine to work according to your needs.

SOLIDWORKS CAM is a proven technology that works well with SOLIDWORKS. Easy to learn And can be used quickly and efficiently. SOLIDWORKS CAM uses the existing database for calculating operations and toolpath Feed Speed ​​initially and can be adjusted by the user as appropriate.

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is included in SOLIDWORKS Standard Version 2018 and above.

  • 2.5 axis Milling
  • Parts Only(.sldprt)
  • Tolerance Based Machining (.sldprt)
  • Automatic Feature Recognition: Holes, Pockets and Boss
  • Knowledge-Based Machining

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