STRATASYS 55 Multi-Color 3D printer

Stratasys J55 – Multi-Color 3D Printer

The J55 Multi-Color 3D printer Tools for perfect design reproduction convey the truth from all angles.

The J55 Multi-Color 3D printer from Stratasys

The 3D printer conveys a variety of colors with the realistic from every angle.

STRATASYS J55 Multi Color 3D printer

Stratasys® J55™

Create realistic designs with The J55 Multi-Color 3D printer. Complete the design process with just one person from the concept model until the virtual work. The Office-friendly Stratasys® J55™ 3D printer is ready to help make creative work possible.

Commitment to creativity

The ultimate performance is designed to be small and attractive price level.

Rough. Ready. Right. Real.

Built to fulfill your design intent from single color until the multicolored and the start of Pantone® color matching.

Turning ideas into reality

Communicate design ideas faster and repeat as many times as needed with the performance of J55™.

“The first shared office Multi-Color 3D printer
Possibilities at every turn Head turning performance”

Turning ideas into reality

Communicate design ideas faster and repeat them as many times as needed. Powered by the J55, Stratasys J55 can deliver nearly 500,000 colors, Pantone colors, realistic textures, high quality, and accurate printing.

Bring your daily inspiration into the design process. with the ability to get you a job within an hour.

Ideas spun to life.
Combines the quality of PolyJet technology from Stratasys

The Stratasys J55™ is a 3D printer that combines the quality of Polyjet technology in a compact body. Suitable for installation in the office Load up to 5 types of materials simultaneously. Print in full color with rotary plates. With the print head fixed in place, increase the printout quality and get the outstanding surface finish. Engineering design is optimized for installation in an office or Design Studio with a small footprint. Also, ProAero™ air filtration technology makes it odorless, has quiet operation, and low power consumption.

Rotational Printing

The first 3D Printer uses rotary printing which will reduce the movement of the print head. and get a constant speed

  • Optimal machine size
  • Get a real product with the print quality and a perfect surface.
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Few moving parts
  • Outstanding printing quality.
Rotational Printing
GrabCAD Print™

The J55 has a Design-to-Print with GrabCAD Print™, allowing users to import designs with CAD or 3MF files. GrabCAD Print also supports Pantone® color schemes and remote control. It allows you to easily manage your print jobs without being in the office. Including dissolving the support without using hands is another thing that makes the post-processing process easy and can make complex parts without having to worry about removing the license anymore.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Stratasys® J55™ 3D Printer

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Stratasys® J55™ 3D Printer

  1. Turn ideas into actual designs
    Get PANTONE® color accuracy, realistic 3D finishes, and high-resolution work. Create high-quality work that feels and feels like the real thing.
  2. Enhance the design process
    Start the process from rendering to actual designs faster than the original design process. The process Design-to-Print lets you import CAD models straight into GrabCAD Print™. Intuitive touchscreen design puts you in the palm of your hand faster than ever.
  3. The results are at your fingertips
    Solutions for office or studio spaces with easy-to-maintain air filtration systems. No disturbing smell the size of the device is small, not cluttered. Including a rotating print, the tray reduces noise for quieter operation.
  4. Stop wasting time on maintenance
    With easy care, stable comes with a cleaning program and automatic print head calibration. This means we will spend less time caring for them. Moreover, will have more time to print.
  5. See the result faster than ever
    The J55 gives you immediate savings – reducing costs per component by over 80% and producing high-quality parts in one day.
Stratasys J55 Better performance

The STRATASYS® J55™ Multi Color 3D printer



  • Width:  651 mm

  • Depth:  661 mm

  • Height: 774 mm

  • Weight: 90 Kg

Material cabinet:

  • Width:   651mm

  • Depth:   629mm

  • Height:  750mm

  • Weight: 138 Kg

Printer on material cabinet:

  • Total Height: 1,511 mm

  • Total Weight: 228 Kg

Max. model size

  • 140 x 200 x 190 mm (2 models)

  • 425 x 10 x 190 mm

Printing area

  • 1,174cm2


  • Vero CMY, White/Black/Clear and DraftGrey

Build mode

  • High Quality Speed (HQS) – 18.75μm


  • Realistic color models

  • Detailed prototypes

  • Concept designs

Best-in-class footprint-to-printing size ratio on the market.

* Data based on standard quote for a car key model from service bureau using a combination of CNC and screen printing.

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