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AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced

Oracle’s AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced makes product and asset documents accessible all enterprise users.

Effectively Manage all Your Visualization Needs

Oracle’s AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced makes product and asset documents accessible all enterprise users. With its document viewing, digital markup, and real-time collaboration capabilities users involved in a variety of business processes, such as product design, maintenance and repairs, or project planning can access, share, and collaborate on asset and engineering documents, driving operational efficiency across the product / project lifecycle.

  • Make product and asset documents, including 3D / 2D CAD, Graphics, Office and PDF documents readily available to all enterprise users
  • Optimize decision making through improved global cross-team collaboration
  • Streamline design reviews and capture a reliable audit trail of all decisions, changes and approvals using built-in digital annotations
  • Foster innovation by enabling participation and contribution of extended team to the new product development and introduction process
  • Enhance capital projects and facility operations with 3D walkthrough
  • Share documents securely without jeopardizing intellectual property
Video: GLOBALFOUNDRIES Accelerates Innovation while Protecting IP (2:36)
Feature Benefit
View hundreds of file types without the native software
  • Extend the reach of 3D and 2D product and asset documents and information beyond engineering to all enterprise users
  • Improve technical and business decision making with visual access to documents and information
  • Reduce IT costs by enabling access to all types of documents without requiring original authoring applications or undergoing costly document conversions
  • Simplify IT infrastructure by standardizing all document visualization requirements on a single solution
Digital annotation
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals with in-context digital annotations
  • Enable extended team participation in the product/project development, manufacturing, and maintenance process
  • Capture an audit trail of decisions, changes, approvals
Real time collaboration
  • Streamline supplier collaboration without jeopardizing critical intellectual property
  • Reduce lead time and expedite issue resolution by enabling document-based real-time collaboration
3D walkthrough
  • Perform detailed reviews of facilities from within and explore buildings and structures in a more natural way
Support for Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), such as Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and Functional Tolerance Annotation (FTA)
  • View and interact with important product design information during the manufacturing process
  • Ensure products are being manufactured in compliance with design engineering's intent
  • Reduce errors by ensuring suppliers and extended teams have access to accurate product specifications
3D Digital Mockup
  • Import and combine in a single view 3D parts coming from multiple CAD systems
  • Expedite reviews of complex 3D assemblies
Integrate Seamlessly
  • Can be fully integrated with content management systems and enterprise applications
  • Increase productivity with visual web services for printing, thumbnail generation, text extraction, etc

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