Objet30 Dental Prime

The desktop dental printer with expanded capability.

[headline style=””]Streamline Workflow at Your Small Dental Lab[/headline]

Your dental lab is capable of anything with the Objet30 Dental Prime. Print precise 3D dental models in-house to avoid outsourcing costs and streamline your workflow simultaneously.

High-quality print mode enables fine-detail applications like diagnostic wax-ups and removable partial-denture casting patterns.

PolyJet technology automates production for hands-off streamlining of workflow.

Three dental materials specifically engineered for digital dentistry enable printing of accurate crown and bridge models

[headline style=””]Materials[/headline]

Expand your capabilities with three conveniently sealed Dental Materials, specially engineered for digital dentistry:

  • VeroDentPlus (MED690), in dark beige creates fine features and finish, with strength, accuracy and durability.
  • VeroGlaze (MED620), opaque with A2 shading for the best color match in the industry. Ideal for veneer try-ins and diagnostic wax-ups and medically approved for up to 24 hours of in-mouth placement.
  • Clear Bio-compatible (MED610), for orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays and surgical guides for temporary in-mouth placement.
[headline style=””]Specifications[/headline]

SYSTEM SIZE AND WEIGHT : 82.5 x 62 x 59 cm (32.28 x 24.4 x 23.22 in.); 106 kg (234 lbs.)

BUILD SIZE : 300 x 200 x 100 mm (11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 in.)

LAYER THICKNESS : 16 microns (.0006 in.)

ACCURACY : 0.1 mm (.0039 in.) varies depending on part geometry, size, orientation, material and post-processing method

[headline style=””]Software[/headline]

So that you can build high-quality, accurate 3D models, Objet Studio automatically transforms STL and SLC files from any 3D CAD application into 3D modeling slices, including both build material and support. Quickly edit trays, assign materials, manage job queues and perform routine system maintenance with click-and-build wizards. Enjoy software features including:

  • Easy tray build setup, including multiple models and materials
  • Automatic support generation
  • On-the-fly slicing for immediate printing
  • Auto-placement of trays for accuracy and consistency
  • Multi-user networking